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Dark Chestnut Brown and Natural Toned 4x6 Gabbeh Rug



Moody Handmade Wool Gabbeh 4x6 Rug


This hand-knotted Gabbeh features only wool in the nautral tones of the sheep that produced it. The selection of yarns is what creates the depth of design. These yarns retain much of the natural lanolin which produces a rug that is incredibly hard-wearing and resitant to staining. These types designs are unique in that the weavers attempt to depict emotion and feeling versus attempting to document a tangible thing such as a landscape. The depth of this particular handmade is staggering and unbelievable that this is achieved using on the the naturally occurring variation in form one sheep's wool to the next. 

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Measures: 4'0"x6'0"

Material: Handspun Wool in natural wool tones

Handmade in Southern Iran