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RS-0130 Waterlily No 08 in Silver and Blue, in 10' x 14', by Rug Star




Each piece in the Waterlily collection from Rug Star is a modern masterpiece in it's own right. Pushing what the modern, or contemporary rug is capable of is the hallmark of Rug Star, and the Waterlily series is a fresh, bold, and forward thinking vision of how the modern rug fits with architecture and evolving ideas about interior design. 

Combinations of higher hand-knotted silk and lower hand clipped wool compliment the vibrant palette selections that turns the floor of a living room, bedroom, or dining room in to a fifth wall for art. 

Measures: 10' x 14'

Available in custom sizes upon request, contact us for further information.

Purchase through our site, or contact us at (971) 444-2440 to set up a viewing appointment.