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Joelle Nesen Selects 5 Rugs

Posted on September 15 2017

Joelle Nesen is one of Portland’s top interior designers, renowned for her easy elegance. We recently asked Joelle to select 5 rugs from our collection and tell us why.

Joelle Nesen bio


 J O E L L E ’ S   F I V E   R U G S


^  PAMIR YAMUNA by Kooches

“I love the ethereal quality of this… it’s quiet, elegant and the perfect backdrop to either subtle furnishings or strong, dramatic pieces.”


^  WOOL RUG by Lila Valadan

“This rug feels like a Japanese Tatami mat…modern Asianesque. I would use a palace size of it with less furniture rather than more. Let the rug breathe. Very clean, tailored upholstery with a couple of strong antique pieces to mix it up.”


^ DRAGON by Wool & Silk

“Two thoughts: Killer entry rug…boom. Second, a sexy library combining men’s club and mid-century glam.”


^ BLUE by Amadi

“I think this rug says it wants mid-century; I say the opposite. I would use this lovely in a dining room. A Rose Tarlow deep walnut table atop it, sophisticated leather-wrapped Chinese Chippendale chairs and a simple Murano chandelier.”


^ HAMADAN by Michaelian & Kohlberg

“This rug has a nice mix of scales and soft contrast—just the right amount of tension. It will play well with others and can work in virtually any environment.”


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