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Make a date with creativity!

Posted on May 03 2018


E A T I N G   C O L O R

A multimedia presentation by
Jürgen Dahlmanns of RUG STAR

Saturday, May 19, 2pm

This is going to be a design presentation like no other! Be our guest at this fun and inspiring Saturday afternoon happening. Jürgen is the ebullient creative visionary behind RUG STAR, a cutting-edge carpet company based in Berlin but turning heads worldwide.

In his own words, “My team and I, we are 100% dedicated RUG ADDICTS. Our rugs are naughty and smart, the same combination we like in people. We believe in what we do and we honour every single step of this ancient craft, which is carried out by hand in our workshops in the Himalayan Mountains or the Rajasthan deserts.”


We absolutely can't wait and we hope you will join us!


Eating Color presentation