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April Showcase: bold and beautiful Rug Stars!

Posted on April 09 2021

When you’re seeking a rug to play the starring role in your room, try out some of our favorite pieces from Rug Star. Hand-knotted with wool and silk, these are creative, evocative, eco-friendly, bold artworks for the floor!

Pro-tip: We do offer in-home trials if you want to compare your favorites.


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Rug Star pieces always have bold impact, but we also appreciate their unexpectedly subtle details, richness of color, and plush textural variation. So yummy! These rugs invite floor-sitting and reward those who lie on them, contemplating at length. They are what Jürgen Dahlmanns, the visionary behind Rug Star, refers to as “tender textile landscapes.”

Read more about Jürgen Dahlmanns here.






Showing rugs involves a great deal of flipping through stacks of rugs for customers in search of the perfect piece. (It’s how we keep in shape!)

Watch us flip through our stack of 8x10 Rug Star pieces virtually below:



or let us flip through the colorful stacks just for you by scheduling a private viewing appointment in the shop:

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We stock the largest number of our Rug Star pieces in the popular 8x10 size, but we also have standard sizes from 5x7 to 10x14. And custom sizes are available upon request!